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Wet London is great ideas for great Londoners come rain or shine…And we all know there’s a lotta rain in this City!

So instead of reaching for the slippers and Breaking Bad boxset, Wet London will inspire you to don your Wellies and Waterproofs and get yourself out into the City with ideas to make the most of it…otherwise blink and you’ll miss it!

Set up by David Hampshire and Kate Glover they do their best to visit as many places as possible, whether it be museums, gigs, restaurants, pop-ups, shopping, dancing, films, activities, discos, galleries and basically anything that makes us look daft in the capital as possible…review them and give you an honest appraisal of our days getting wet (or not if it’s under a roof)!

We’re always looking for ideas and suggestions for things to do either for us, or that you have done or want to do, to share with us to stick on the site…so get in touch and share the love!

In the words of Groucho Marx, “I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.”